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Istanbul Residency

I am undertaking an artist’s residency at Tasarim Bakkali in Istanbul, Turkey between 20 Nov 17 – 02 Jan 18. Here, you will find a selection of works in progress. During this time, I am aiming to form a narrative drawing on the archaeological history of Turkey. Currently creating pseudo-artifacts belonging to a fictional woman named Sitare.

Enchanted with Frustrations: Homage To Jorn Ebner

During the autumn and winter months of 2015, I had the opportunity to listen to many different artists from various backgrounds giving presentations about their works. These talks provided me with such valuable information in terms of how professional artists and fresh graduates deal with hardships, which might arise within their practice from time to time. Although I observed an abundance of different attitudes towards art-making within this period of talks, only one artist’s journey deeply resonated with me, and helped me out of a creative block I had recently been experiencing. In the following paragraphs I will elaborate how German artist Jorn Ebner’s practice, fuelled by frustrations, proved useful to him, as well as to myself.