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New Art Social

I am participating in a panel discussion on “Engaging People Through Creativity” at New Art Social, a series of events organised to offer an opportunity for creative people to gain an insight into other people’s artistic process. New Art Social is a night at which exciting new and established writers, poets and artists share their work through readings and panel discussions. It is curated by author Guy Mankowski, who aims to break down the barriers which keep the wealth of artistic talent of Newcastle in isolation.

ArtyParti Podcast

I have been invited to do a podcast interview with Spark FM Sunderland with my Lungs Project collaborators Angela Wingate-Burdon and Rebecca Burdon. Edinburgh based artist Mary Trodden, who was featured in the first issue of Lungs also joined us in discussion. We talked to Jay Sykes about our current open call and how our project developed following our launch in 2016.