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Creative Incubator Programme

Lungs Project has just announced a new web residency programme for artists and writers which will predominantly take place on the organisation’s Instagram page throughout 2019. The Creative Incubator Programme will focus on each participant’s modes of thinking and producing. This programme is a result of an ongoing dialogue rooted in solidarity, generosity and peer support as the quintessence of our curatorial ethics. Every month an artist will take over Lungs’ IG to share their creative process.

Curating on the Online Space

It is not difficult to imagine the reaction of someone, who is looking at a piece of Internet Art from in the early 1990’s for the first time. Their reaction would be the same as that of the selecting committee of the Society of Independent Artists when they first encountered Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” in 1917. In both examples, we witness a similar case of de-aestheticising the artwork. Does the discourse of what art really is which started with ready-mades in early 1900’s, still continue today on the online space?