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Film Screening: Poly Voices

Please come and join us for an evening of film screenings in conjunction with the launch of the third issue of our publication. “Poly Voices” brings together three filmmakers selected from an international open call under a three-part, thematic framework. Featured artists are Kariim Case, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, and Müge Yıldız.

Exhibition: A Study of Imaginary Chasms

I am delighted to have curated this group exhibition which I developed in collaboration with Gosforth Civic Theatre. “A Study of Imaginary Chasms” brings together the work of three women artists; Ella Ray Barnes, Fang Qi, and Jill Tate, all of who are connected to the North East through unique pathways. The exhibition thematically responds to “The Class Project”, a one-woman play written and performed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord.

LUNGS Manifesto

My collaborator, artist and curator, Angela Wingate-Burdon and I have recently published a self-reflective manifesto laying out our ambitions for our curatorial collective, Lungs Project. Exciting times ahead!

Lungs Issue Two Launch

I have spoken to the culture editor of Chronicle, David Whetstone about my curatorial collective/project Lungs and our group exhibition “Dialogus” held at Vane in Newcastle. Here, I’m holding up our new issue in front of works by Liam McCabe (left), Mark Chapman (middle) and Lauren Drummond (right).

Curator As A Collaborator: A Marxist Inspired Reading of Contemporary Curation

This article is primarily concerned with the production of knowledge in curatorial projects and creating a definition of the curator as a collaborator, filtered through the notion of alienation in Marxist philosophy. In his famous “Manuscripts of 1844”, German philosopher Karl Marx theorises the concept of alienation as the separation of labour from the worker, and also as the separation of the products of labour from the worker (Marx and Engels, 1964). In this article, we will aim to present a critical perspective on curatorial ethics, and define curating as a form of collaborating and engaging the artists with the audience to create a mutually beneficial experience.